School Selection: The Key to a Brilliant Future (Plus Sample Perfect School List)

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Admissions time is here and you want to get into the best school possible. Decisions, decisions! You might have a dream school or two in mind, but you are not sure what your chances are for admissions. Maybe you’re shooting too high? Maybe too low? How do you know? It’s tough out there. Admissions rates are declining, and the number of applications is rising every year. According to Business Insider, admissions rates are falling for many of the...

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Getting into Top Schools: Real Life Success Stories, Pt. 1–Jonathan

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Want to know what it takes to get into your dream schools? Everyone is familiar with the basic formula: great grades, excellent test scores, advanced classes, an impressive extracurricular resume as well as a demonstration of leadership, initiative, commitment to community, and intellectual rigor. Of course, central to the admissions packet are those amazingly interesting essays. But what does this all mean specifically? How do you ace this...

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Announcing 6-Week UC Admissions Essay Bootcamp Beginning September 15!

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Write Submission-Ready Essays with Dr. M! Register Here Download brochure for more detailed information. Are you ready to write your admissions essays? Writing personal statements is a tough challenge for every high school student. Don’t be too nervous, however! The time and effort you put into your writing will be worth it, and Blue Stars will guide you every step of the way. Dr. M is pleased to present the Blue Stars Admissions Essay...

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More Trouble for UC Budget

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For years, the University of California (UC), home to some of the best colleges in the nation, has served as a model public higher-ed institution. However, California’s current budget crisis poses a significant threat to the UC system. Years of state budget cuts have spawned major adjustments to the system: repeated tuition hikes, layoffs, and larger class sizes, among others. Many feel that the budget cuts have already compromised the learning...

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What your admissions application says about you

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I was working with a student on a mock alumni interview a few weeks ago and threw this practice question out to her: “What is the hardest thing you’ve ever done?” Her immediate response? “Apply for college!” Of course, I advised her not to use this answer, should she encounter the question with a real interviewer. The truth is, however, that applying for college is a big job and requires you to think, write, and present yourself in ways you...

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