I would recommend Blue Stars in a heartbeat.

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Working with Dr. Morgenstern was the most important decision I made once I set to work on my MFA applications. I came to Amy with high expectations, and she topped them all! Our Skype sessions between San Francisco and Tel Aviv were an intellectual challenge for me, but also great fun, thanks to her enthusiasm and lively attitude. We started the process by closely analyzing my portfolio, interrogating my work, and exploring areas of...

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She encouraged me to explore the depths of my ideas and experiences, which resulted in original, fresh essays.

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Dr. M is a pseudonym for Miracle Worker. She not only genuinely cares about her clients but also does her absolute best to ensure that they succeed. Not having the best grades or the top SAT scores, I was a bit dubious about getting outside help for my college essays and supplements. But my older sister, who had received help from Amy for her college applications, assured me that Amy is top notch and would be a great advantage. Sure enough, Dr....

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Major in Media Studies and Join the Revolution!

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It is the best of times, it is the worst of times. In the year 2015, people have access to a breadth and depth of information unimaginable in an earlier age. Everyone contributes in some way, participating to create a living, breathing mediascape. So begins EPIC 2015, a quasi-documentary, quasi-sci-fi video narrative taking the viewer from the inception of the Web to the digitally connected, “living, breathing mediascape” we live in...

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How your admissions application essay can avoid the yawn

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An admissions officer can spot a good personal statement in 5 seconds. How does yours avoid the yawn? A well-written admissions essay gets inside the head of its reader. It invites and engages. It is the final touch of your application, the punctuation on your profile. And it is considered a crucial (if not defining) element in your admissions portfolio. As we are all aware, a key component of writing is knowing your audience. I like to compare...

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29 more schools added to the Common Application

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Here’s the list from the Common Application’s website. Schools still holding out are MIT, Georgetown, and USC. C’mon guys. Centralize. Alaska Pacific University (AK) Albany College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences (NY) The American University of Rome (Italy) College of Notre Dame of Maryland (MD) Columbia University (NY) Concordia University (OR) DePaul University (IL) Florida Institute of Technology (FL) Fontbonne University...

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Applying to Art School for a BFA

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If you are a high school student reading this post, you are probably ignoring your parents’ wishes for you to become a biotech engineer, lawyer, doctor, etc., and instead you are pursuing your passion for creativity. Or perhaps, you are reading this with parents who are supportive of your quest to be artist. Either way, you are taking the first step toward tackling an application process that will challenge you in ways you’ve never...

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