Dr Amy Morgenstern

Dr. M knows what it takes to get students into the very best universities. She is an award-winning writer and a former university professor and honors program administrator who holds both a Ph.D. in philosophy and an M.F.A. in contemporary art.

Known especially for her expertise as a writer and editor, Dr. M has assisted hundreds of applicants craft outstanding personal statements in any subject area: software engineering, cell biology, communications design, environmental studies, public health and painting – just to name a few!

Dr. M works with students from all over the world – from Shanghai to Berlin to Wisconsin. You won’t believe what she can accomplish remotely!  She is an exacting mentor both in-person and online, giving students the confidence they need to achieve powerful results. Read why Dr. M is the superior choice for admissions power:

  • Results – Dr. M has helped students gain admissions to Ivy League colleges, Tier 1 universities, graduate, law, medical, and art schools. Click here to view her impressive results.
  • School selection – School selection is a science and Dr. M is your principal investigator. She provides an exhaustive analytical report on choice programs and schools based upon each student’s interests, grades, GPA, talents, and experience. Armed with a methodology and expert knowledge of academic programs, Dr. M helps students make the best decisions to achieve admissions success.
  • Essay writing – Students who work with Dr. M produce superior, submission-ready essays they never imagined they were capable of. Work with Dr. M and receive an intellectual infusion – she recommends the right books and essays to prepare the mind for optimal essay success. A precise editor, she guides students through the revisions process to ensure the most compelling content and presentation.
  • Scheduling – Dr. M is an organizational wizard and keeps her students on schedule and worry-free.

Dr. M is also a college planner, working with students starting in the 9th grade. Students have greatly benefited from her first-class SAT course in critical reading and writing. Dr. M additionally provides gap-year planning services.

Working with Dr. M opens admissions doors. Ready to pack a punch and empower your admissions profile? Contact Dr. M – Your brilliant future awaits!

You can contact Dr. M via:


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