Dr. Morgenstern is truly amazing! With her assistance, I was able to tap into her breadth of knowledge and experience for the necessary insights that were integral to making my admission and scholarship essays stand out. As a result, I was admitted into the master of science program in Information Technology and Management at the University of Texas, Dallas. There, I excelled and was offered a professional position in the management and technology industry within two months of matriculation. Dr. M understands the busy lives of working professionals, and she was kind enough to tailor her schedule to meet my needs. Thank you, Dr. M!

Eric, Graduate Applicant, Management and Technology Professional

M博士真的很神奇!在她的帮助下,我能够触及和了解到更广泛的知识和经验,她的敏锐的洞察力让我的论文及入学奖学金脱颖而出。最后,我还进入了在学硕士项目和资讯科技和管理上有名的德州大学,达拉斯。在那里,我很顺利地获得一个在管理和技术产业的专业的位置。M博士是个既懂得享受生活又忙碌工作的人,她既友善又有计划地满足了我的需要。谢谢你,M博士 !